What Is a Homemade Remedy to Make Hair Grow Faster?

homemade-remedy-make-hair-grow-faster Credit: Wild Horse Photography/Moment/Getty Images

According to Skin Care Guide, onion juice is the best homemade hair growth remedy. Onion juice contains sulfur, which fosters hair growth. Garlic is another effective treatment for hair loss.

Onlymyhealth notes that using onion juice on a consistent basis is the most effective measure. The onion juice will need to be applied directly to the scalp, since drinking onion juice to prevent hair loss is not effective. To get the most onion juice, cut the onion and grind it to a paste in a blender. Strain to extract the necessary juices. To help mask the onion odor, mix the juice with honey. Honey is an ingredient that also aids in hair growth. Complete the process by washing the hair 45 minutes after application with a scented shampoo.