What Are Some Homemade Hair Straightening Tips?


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Getting straight, sleek hair takes some effort, but certain tricks help the process along. When using a hair dyer to blow out a straight style, begin by blotting hair to remove excess moisture. This means less time under the dryer, which is better for hair. Apply a cream or spray product designed to protect hair from heat.

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Do not try to dry the entire head at once. Using a round brush, blow hair in 2-inch strips, moving from scalp to ends. Make sure the dryer moves straight along the section of hair. Sideways motion causes flyaway strands. During the process, shift between hotter and cooler dryer settings so hair is not overheated. To straighten hair with a flat iron, be sure hair is completely dry. Otherwise, the hair is damaged. Use the lowest temperature setting possible for hair. Fine or damaged hair should not be heated above 300 degrees Fahrenheit. For normal hair, a setting between 300 and 380 degrees Fahrenheit is generally safe. Thick, coarse or very curly hair may require temperatures as high as 350 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. A flat iron with ceramic plates is much better for hair than an iron with steel plates. Metal irons pull and damage hair over time.

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