What Are Home Treatments That Help Strengthen Nails?


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Remedies at home for getting stronger, healthier nails include using a protective layer of nail hardener, keeping nails clean and properly trimmed, moisturizing with cuticle cream and cutting back on nail polish use. In addition to external treatments, try taking biotin to promote strong nails, say experts at the Mayo Clinic. Research from the benefits of biotin supplements continues, but preliminary findings indicate it may alleviate dry and brittle nails.

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Healthy nails have smooth surfaces, are nearly uniform in color, and do not have any spots, discolored areas, pits or grooves, say experts at the Mayo Clinic. Nail problems can signal an underlying health problem, so those with nail changes should notify their physicians. Sometimes, however, dry air or improper maintenance cause problems.

It is possible to develop stronger nails using proper trimming techniques. Trim nails in a straight line, then round them at the corners, using nail clippers and a nail file. Moisturizing nails with cream retains prevents dry and brittle nails, as does keeping nails protected from excess exposure to water -and chemicals, such as washing dishes and cleaning, by wearing gloves.

Nail polish wearers may develop weak nails from a constant polish coating. If polish causes weak nails, take a polish break. This requires letting nails grow free of polish for up to 3 months.

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