What Are the Home Treatments for Excessive Facial Hair in Females?


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Waxing, plucking or even shaving are options for women who wish to remove excess facial hair at home. Some over-the-counter depilatory creams are also available for use on the face. A prescription cream called Vaniqa is available if the unwanted hair is especially persistent.

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If the excess facial hair is only in small areas, plucking it may be the best option. Women can use tweezers to pull out a few extra hairs on the brow line, chin or upper lip. Waxing is a good option if the hairs are thicker or in larger areas. Both plucking and waxing are intended to remove the hairs by the root. This means that the hair takes longer to grow back; however, removing the hair by the root also increases the risk of ingrown hairs or irritated follicles. Because these methods work by pulling the hair, a woman must let her hair grow out sufficiently before waxing or plucking.

Shaving or depilatory creams work by removing hair on the surface of the skin only. Shaved hairs grow back more quickly than with waxing, so it needs to be done more often; however, it might be less irritating for the skin. Vaniqa is an FDA-approved prescription cream that helps to slow and reduce the growth of excess facial hair over a prolonged period of continuous use.

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