What Is the Best Home Treatment for White Spots on Skin?


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The best home treatment for white spots on the skin depends on the cause and may involve moisturizing the skin or using antifungal creams or shampoos, explains Mayo Clinic. Protecting the skin from the sun and using makeup and self-tanners are other options.

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If eczema is the cause of the white spots on the skin, home treatment may involve applying moisturizer to the area and avoiding the use of soaps that dry the skin. White skin spots due to tinea versicolor, a yeast infection, respond to creams or soaps that contain sulfur or selenium. For white spots due to vitiligo, shielding the skin from the sun by seeking shade, wearing protective clothing and applying sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or above is sometimes helpful. Applying makeup or self-tanners to the white patches helps them blend in with normal skin tone.

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