What Is the Best Home Remedy for Under-Eye Bags or Circles?


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The best home remedy for under-eye bags or circles is treating the skin with something cold. Chilled objects such as cucumber slices, a cold spoon or a damp, chilled tea bag, can be placed over the eye area.

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Swelling and darkness under the eye is usually caused by poor circulation and fluid retention in the sensitive skin under the eyes. When too much fluid builds up, the skin becomes puffy. If blood flow to the under-eye area is limited, the area also becomes dark.

Treating the skin under the eyes with something cold helps increase circulation and removes fluid that has built up. Using something with caffeine, such as a chilled tea bag, can stimulate circulation even more quickly. Massaging the under-eye area can also help. To avoid damaging the sensitive skin further, massage it with a gentle, light touch and use a nonirritating oil such as almond or avocado oil.

Lifestyle factors can increase the sensitivity of under-eye skin, which can contribute to darkness, puffiness and circles. Some of these factors include allergies, exhaustion, smoking and excessive sun exposure. Healthy habits, such as getting a full night of sleep, avoiding smoking and regularly using sunscreen, can help. Severe allergies can also contribute to fluid retention and bags in the under-eye area. They can be treated by using a neti pot to flush out the sinuses.

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