What Is a Home Remedy to Soothe Razor Burn?


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The best home remedy to soothe razor burn is pure vitamin E oil. Slice a vitamin E capsule in half and squeeze the contents onto a cotton swab. Apply the oil directly to the razor burn. The vitamin E will soothe the inflamed skin and dry out the razor bumps.

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What Is a Home Remedy to Soothe Razor Burn?
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Vitamin E contains antioxidants and is highly emollient. It is a common remedy for dry and chapped skin, chapped lips, and is also used as a natural treatment for scars and wrinkles. Aloe vera is another home remedy that works well for razor burn, and the gel can easily be extracted from an aloe vera plant. Aloe vera contains amino acids and B vitamins that penetrate the skin and promote healing. Aloe vera is naturally soothing as well, and is often used as a treatment for sunburn and skin inflammation.

Razor burn occurs for a variety of reasons. Dull razors, dry skin upon shaving, and shaving aggressively can all cause razor burn, and symptoms include painful itching bumps and inflamed skin. Razor burn can be avoided by applying shaving lotion or body wash to the skin prior to shaving and by shaving in slow, upward strokes. Additionally, there are several razors on the market today that contain lotion strips that work well to soften the skin prior to shaving.

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