What Is a Home Remedy for Shoe Stretching?

One of the best home remedies to stretch out a pair of shoes is to fill a watertight bag with water, place it snugly inside the shoe and put the shoe and bag into the freezer until the water is solid. Since water expands as it freezes, the shoe is gently stretched out during the process.

Shoes that are too tight are uncomfortable and painful. In addition to freezing a bag of ice within the shoe, there are other options a person can try at home to stretch out a pair of shoes:

  • A ball and ring shoe stretcher is a tool that targets a specific area in the shoe to stretch. If the entire shoe is too tight, a wooden or plastic two-way shoe stretcher works well. This stretcher stretches the length and width at the same time.
  • Silica gel packets are found in most boxes with new shoes. By placing these packets inside a pair of shoes, moisture is absorbed which, in turn, prevents the shoe material from shrinking.
  • Shoe trees are useful to retain the shape of a pair of shoes. Using a shoe tree when the shoes are not being worn helps prevent shrinkage.
  • Another tip is to use bottles that are similar in shape to the shoes in question. One simply fits the bottle snugly into the toe of the shoe to stretch the material.