Is There a Home Remedy for Nail Fungal Infections?


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Snakeroot extract and tea-tree oil have proven to be successful home remedies for some people with nail fungal infections, according to Mayo Clinic. A study showed that snakeroot extract was nearly as effective as prescription anti-fungal agents. More research is required to determine tea-tree oil's effectiveness, as of 2015.

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Is There a Home Remedy for Nail Fungal Infections?
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In a study of 110 people, participants received applications of snakeroot extract over a period of three months, as reported by Mayo Clinic. During the first month, the extract was applied every third day. It was applied twice a week during the second month and only once during the third month. The extract was shown to be nearly as effective as ciclopirox, a topical, anti-fungal solution that works by impeding fungal growth. Ciclopirox is used in conjunction with regular nail trimming to treat fingernail- and toenail-fungal infections, according to MedlinePlus.

Tea-tree oil has demonstrated positive benefits for nail fungus treatment in smaller-scale studies, as reported by the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health. However, in order to provide a more accurate assessment of its effectiveness, well-designed, large-scale clinical studies are required. Tea-tree oil is primarily for topical use and contains varying amounts of a skin irritant called 1,8–cineole. In high quantities, 1,8–cineole can trigger contact dermatitis in some people.

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