What Is a Home Remedy to Make My Feet Beautiful?

What Is a Home Remedy to Make My Feet Beautiful?

What Is a Home Remedy to Make My Feet Beautiful?

To make your feet more attractive, remove any nail polish, let your feet soak, remove any problematic skin, trim the toenails, use wax, moisturize the skin with lotion and then massage it in. This takes approximately one hour and requires polish remover, a toenail brush, a file, clippers, paraffin wax and moisturizer.

  1. Use polish remover if necessary

    Using a polish remover that is acetone-free, remove any nail polish. Examine the toenails for any issues. Keeping the toenails consistently painted can cause discoloration, so keep them unpolished from time to time.

  2. Soak the feet in water

    Place your feet in warm or moderately hot water for at least 15 minutes. Adding salts or oils made for aromatherapy may be beneficial. After soaking, scrub the toenails softly with a toenail brush.

  3. File rough areas

    Use a file such as an emery board or pumice stone to remove any hard calluses or corns. This decreases the chances of the skin cracking. Soaking the foot first softens the skin, making the filing process easier and more effective.

  4. Trim the toenails

    Using a pair of stainless steel clippers, cut the toenails in a straight line across the middle. Use the file to round out the edges gently. Rather than remove the cuticles, simply push them back, if desired.

  5. Treat the feet with paraffin wax

    Use a paraffin wax treatment to open the pores and improve blood circulation. Wrap the feet in a towel when the warmth of the wax fades.

  6. Moisturize the feet

    Slowly massage lotion into your feet. Put socks on after moisturizing to increase absorption.