What Is a Home Remedy for an Infected Cuticle?


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To cure an infected cuticle at home, create a mixture of 50 percent warm water and 50 percent antibacterial liquid hand soap. Place the infected cuticle and finger in the mixture, soaking it for 15 minutes. Repeat this process 3 to 4 times every day until the infection has cleared. Begin this remedy at the first sign of swelling or redness around the cuticle to prevent severe infections and abscesses.

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Infected cuticles, or paronychia, is a common disorder. Paronychia is an infection typically caused by skin bacteria like staphylococci bacteria entering the skin. The bacteria usually gains access to the skin from scratches and wounds caused by finger sucking, nail biting, chemical irritations and cracks from dry skin.

Cuticle infections commonly begin as swollen or red skin around the cuticle but can progress to cause soreness, heat and yellow or green pus formation.

Home remedies are usually an appropriate course of action for cuticle infections, as they rarely pose any danger besides mild discomfort. However, seek medical attention if the redness from the cuticle infection spreads beyond the nail or finger area. This redness possibly indicates the presence of a dangerous skin infection that can cause deep pus formation and tissue damage.

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