What Are Some Home Remedies for Removing Fingernail Polish?


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Some home remedies for removing fingernail polish include using spray deodorant and hair spray. Both of these products remove the polish without harsh chemicals.

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To use spray deodorant to remove nail polish, users should spray the product as close to the nails as possible, taking care not to get it in their face. After spraying it thoroughly, wipe the nails down with a cotton ball or cloth. This should be repeated as needed until the polish is thoroughly gone. Users can do the same thing with hair spray, though it make take several tries to remove it completely. After removing the nail polish, the user can soak their hands in warm water for several minutes to remove the excess deodorant and hair spray.

If hair spray or spray deodorant is not on hand, the user can add a top coat of polish to their nails. They should apply the polish as normal and immediately wipe it off. Often, this takes the bottom layer of polish off as well and several coats can be applied to remove it all. A fingernail file can also be used to remove polish. Users should just file the entire bed of the nails until they come clean.

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