What Are the Home Remedies to Lighten Dark Hair Dye?

home-remedies-lighten-dark-hair-dye Credit: Andreas Kuehn/Stone/Getty Images

There are a number of home remedies used to lighten dark hair dye, and some of them include the use of a hair dye remover, washing the hair daily until it lightens and applying extra-virgin olive oil to lighten the hair. Typically, hair dye gets permanently set after a period of 72 hours, and the process of lightening it should be started as early as possible.

One of the options of lightening dark hair is to wash it twice on a daily basis with a shampoo. If, after a few days, there is no change, a larger amount of this shampoo should be applied to the dry hair and covered completely for about 30 minutes before rinsing out the shampoo.

Extra-virgin olive oil or warm mineral oil is also used to lighten dark hair. The hair should be covered completely with the oil and wrapped in a plastic wrap for about 15 minutes then washed.

Hair dye removers are also used as remedies to lighten dark hair, but the instructions on the kit must be followed strictly because these chemicals are harsh. If the hair is dry and has split ends or is permed, these chemicals should not be used because they can cause hair breakage, damaging the hair.