What Are Some Home Remedies You Can Use to Get Pink Cheeks Naturally?

Home remedies that help provide the user with naturally pink cheeks include beetroot mash, a mixture of masoor dal and milk, cucumber pulp, and an almond crush moisturizing mask, according to TheHealthSite. The user applies each of these remedies topically.

Adding a small amount of kaolin powder to two or three boiled and mashed beetroots creates a mixture that produces favorable results when applied to the cheeks for 20 minutes, explains TheHealthSite. Using basic milk with masoor dal and a bit of kaolin mixed in also creates the effect of pinker, rosier cheeks when applied for 20 minutes. Exfoliating with cucumber pulp is a noted remedy for getting rid of dead skin cells that hide the natural timbre of facial skin, so conducting a basic facial exfoliation with cucumber pulp also works.

Another option is to create an almond crush face mask by crushing several almonds and mixing them with a concentration of 5 teaspoons of mint juice, 5 teaspoons of honey and several crushed rose petals, states TheHealthSite. Users apply this creamy mixture as a mask before going to bed. After five or six days, users notice a healthy, rosy glow. The mixture must be refrigerated to remain fresh.