What Are Some Home Remedies for Body Odor?


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Approaches to curing body odor with home remedies focus on cleansing the underarms with natural substances such as ?apple cider vinegar, witch hazel, white vinegar or lemon juice. These approaches typically call for individuals to apply the chosen liquid to a cotton ball or other applicator and rub the liquid directly onto the skin of the underarms. Acidic ingredients have the ability to damage or kill bacteria, which is the primary source of unpleasant body odors.

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Getting rid of old shoes and replacing them with a new pair can help cut out a major source of unpleasant body smells. Opting for looser-fitting, open-toed shoes can also help reduce the bacteria buildup that causes feet and shoes to smell.

Another approach to curing body odor with home remedies involves using a homemade deodorant. Using ingredients such as coconut oil, odor-neutralizing baking soda, moisturizing shea butter and essential oils, DIYers can mix up a deodorant solution that helps combat body odor. Using pleasant-smelling essential oils for these homemade mixtures can help replace foul smells with more enjoyable scents.

Tea tree oil is another natural disinfectant that is useful for combating body odor. It is possible to use this ingredient on its own or in place of nonantiseptic essential oils for an extra boost in the deodorant's bacteria-fighting powers.

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