What Are Some Home Remedies for Bags Under the Eyes?

home-remedies-bags-under-eyes Credit: .jocelyn/CC-BY 2.0

Common home remedies used to treat bags under the eyes include applying cool tea bags, cucumber slices, cotton balls soaked in lavender oil or witch hazel and slightly cooled teaspoons to the eye area to reduce puffiness. Other options that work quickly or provide relief for those who need to treat the condition regularly include applying a chilled wet washcloth or a chilled ice mask on a refrigerator door.

Apply a cool compress to the affected skin for a few minutes at a time using mild pressure, or sleep with your head slightly propped up, which prevents fluid from building up around the eyes. Getting an ample amount of sleep, such as seven to eight hours per night, is another home or lifestyle remedy.

Bags, or mild puffiness or swelling, underneath the eyes become more common with increasing age. In the aging process, the tissues that surround the eyes, including some muscles supported by the eyelids, become weaker. The typical fat that supports the eyes can move down into the lower eyelids, leading to a puffy appearance. Additionally, fluid that accumulates in the areas underneath the eyes can also lead to swelling. Most causes of bags under the eyes are not concerning, although bags resulting from an allergy can be treated with allergy medications.