Do Home Gel Nail Kits Work?


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Home gel nail kits definitely work, with time, effort and careful reading of the instructions. Whether using the most expensive branded gel nail kits or the cheapest generic items, the latest designs and trends in nail fashion can be recreated at home.

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When choosing a home gel nail kit, experiment on tested brands first, as these companies have earned their reputations by selling effective products. Also, try interchanging products for a varied style and finish. Though brand-makers recommend using only their products, polishers can, for example, use a Kiss Everlasting polish with a Gelish lamp and later remove it with a removal kit by SensatioNail.

Examples of home gel nail kits include SensatioNail’s starter kit called Invincible Gel Polish and Kiss Everlasting’s French Manicure Kit. Daily Makeover recommends that home gel nail novices start with Salon Insta-Gel strips by Sally Hansen. After mastering these, aspiring polishers can move on to other products requiring more dexterity and skill.

With home gel nail kits readily available at stores and malls, purchasing a supply is a great way to stay fashionable. It also saves money that would normally be spent on bimonthly or monthly trips to the nail salon. With the right kit and a lot of practice, home gel nails can even look as good as professionally polished nails.

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