What Is the History of the Hair Weave?


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The earliest recorded uses of hair weaves occurred in Ancient Egypt around 3500 BC. These weaves predate other known weaves by over 500 years and were used primarily by nobles to enhance beauty and to create elaborate fashions in accordance with current trends.

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Egyptians did a great deal of work on their hair. They dyed frequently with henna, made hair weaves out of human and animal hair, and sported elaborate styles. Members of the Pharaoh's court and other bodies of noble or priestly individuals also curated their hair with great ceremony. People of all genders partook in this culture of hair styling.

It was believed that a large wig lent itself to an elegant appearance. Those who went bald also commonly wore wigs, and some even shaved their heads in order to wear wigs more comfortably and to keep themselves from suffering in the heat. Weaves were an alternative to this, and the two styles had fluctuating status in the fashions of Ancient Egypt.

The weave has become a very popular method of hair styling and is most typically secured with pins or glue, though methods of securing in Ancient Egypt are not well known. From its origins, it has spread around the world and arisen independently in other places.

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