What Is the History of Bench Clothing?

Bench is a clothing line founded in Manchester, England, in 1989. Bench clothing began with graphic T-shirts worn by skateboarders, BMX bike riders and Manchester residents in the local music scene. While Bench clothing's use of celebrity endorsement and television and billboard advertisement was unheard of then, it helped propel the company into a global brand with products in over 30 countries.

According to the company website, the vision of the Bench clothing line is "to be a recognized world brand among the best world brands." Starting as a men's T-shirt line, the brand now includes a ladies' line with underwear, housewares, snacks and a large array of other lifestyle products. Bench clothing is still known for its logo-branded T-shirts as well as its denim, hoodies, belts, dresses and bags.

Along with its products being placed in stores in over 30 countries, the company also has its own stores in Canada, Spain, Austria, South Africa, Germany, Russia and more. The Bench clothing headquarters are still in Manchester, England, with head offices in the Philippines, Canada and the United States. The Bench clothing line began with a focus on the youthful subculture based in music in Manchester, and now sponsors festivals and clubs that boast eclectic acts and high energy.