What Is the History of the Aseel Fragrance?


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Fragrance house Al-Rehab, established in 1975, is the award-winning maker of the Aseel fragrance and more than 100 other traditional Arabian and Oriental oil-based perfume blends. Most of the blends contain oud, which is the incense obtained from the wood of the agar tree. The alcohol-free perfumes are made in United Arab Emirates, and the company is headquartered in Saudi Arabia. In Arabic, the word "Aseel" means authentic, original or genuine.

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The Aseel unisex fragrance is an oriental type perfume blend which features hints of red rose, sandalwood, mint, vanilla and caramel in addition to agarwood and saffron. The scent is described as a woody and musky scent with strong notes of vanilla and a heavy floral scent.

Both men and women review this fragrance positively. Many customers remark that Aseel is more suited to warm weather, since some of its ingredients have subtle scents that are intensified with the addition of natural heat from the warm climate or from the warmth of body heat. Customers comment that cold weather does not allow the scent to develop properly, causing it to lose some of his potency. Oud-based fragrances tend to be long-lasting and require only a small amount applied to the skin for a scent that lasts all day and possibly longer.

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