What Do Hillbillies Wear?

Hillbillies are usually poor residents living in rural areas, so their clothing is often whatever is both comfortable and practical. Stereotypical hillbilly clothing includes overalls, frayed coats, checkered shirts and wide-brimmed hats.

Hillbillies are often shown as being barefoot, although the term is also used by country singers who may wear cowboy boots or work boots. Blue jeans or canvas work pants are common clothing. They may wear button-down shirts or T-shirts. Camouflage clothing is often associated with hillbillies. They are shown wearing a baseball cap or a wide-brimmed hat that is usually dirty or frayed.

Older hillbilly women are often shown wearing simple, long dresses that have an old-fashioned feel. Younger women may wear slightly shorter skirts, blue jeans or cut-off shorts. Skirts and dresses are often visibly patched and mended. Women typically have long hair, while men may have short hair or mullets.

Although these are the popular versions of hillbilly style, in reality, the term "hillbilly" refers to a diverse group of people. Styles differ by region and local culture, as well as religious views of modesty. Hillbilly style also changes over time like any other fashion. Due to the poverty that usually plagues hillbilly communities, however, the general trend is toward casual, practical clothing.