What Are Some Highly-Rated Eye Creams for Dry Eyelids, According to Experts?


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According to "Allure" magazine, some of the top eye creams that treat eye lid dryness are Clarins Paris cream with UV protection. Shiseido Future Solution and Roc Retinol Skin Cream.

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Roc brand is designed specifically for sensitive skin to treat dryness of the eyelids with its moisturizing solution. This brand uses Retinol to prevent inflammation, and chamomile to soothe and soften.

Shiseido is a moisturizer that uses a formula that stops the skin's production of Serpin B3, which causes the skin around the eyes to become dry and fragile. Shiseido helps the skin around the eyes become soft and moisturized.

The Clarins Paris brand eye cream utilizes SPF 30, which protects your skin from the sun just like sun block but specifically for your eye lids. Protecting your skin from the sun helps keep it from becoming dry and damaged.

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