What Are Some Highly Rated Brands of Tattoo Machines?

Some highly rated brands of tattoo machines include the Baltimore Street Irons Coil Tattoo Machines, Bishop Rotary Tattoo Machines and Borg Coil Tattoo Machines, notes the Painful Pleasures website. Tattoo machines are either coil or rotary, and artists should choose a type based on their needs.

Other top brands to look for when seeking a tattoo machine, as also noted by Painful Pleasures, include those by Cheyenne Hawk, CTPS, Dead Nuts, Dragonfly, Ego, FK Irons, Godoy Machines, Injecta, Pirat Coil, Skin 2, Spektra, Stigma, Tatmatic, Valor Direct, Vital Machines and Welker.

Rotary and coil tattoo machines offer different pros and cons for tattoo artists, so artists should choose a type based on the type of tattoo work they are performing, states the Painful Pleasures website. Rotary machines are typically quieter than coil options and provide fast and consistent needle movements. Coil machines create smoother lines and work well for shading jobs.