What Are Some Highly-Rated Aluminum Cases?

Some highly rated aluminum cases include the Vestil CASE-1814 and the Ape Case model number ACHC5600. Both of these cases are available to purchase on Amazon.com and have four out of five-star ratings based on over 100 consumer reviews as of October 2015.

The Vestil CASE-1814 has a hard aluminum shell and measures 18 inches long, 14 inches wide and 6 inches tall. The aluminum shell protects the case from tarnishing and corrosion while remaining lightweight. The interior walls are adjustable and feature removable pouches and panels. The case features two locking latches, both of which require the use of a key. It also comes with two keys and a shoulder strap for easy carrying.

The Ape Case model number ACHC5600 is made from high-quality steel and aluminum. These materials ensure that the case is durable but also lightweight. This model features an integrated locking system that is Transportation Security Administration-approved. The latch features a keyed padlock loop, and the case comes complete with a key to unlock it and a shoulder strap.

Manufacturer Ape Case sells other aluminum cases that vary in size on Amazon.com. Model numbers ACHC5400, ACHC5450 and ACHC5500 are all carrying cases, and model numbers ACHC5650 and ACHC5700 are rolling storage cases with extending handles.