What Highlights Should Be in Red Hair?

Red hair, like other hair colors, is versatile; however, stylists have been pushing redheads towards the strawberry blonde and caramel highlights for their natural yet popping aesthetic. Brown highlights and other lowlights are still possible with red hair, although the colors may not complement each other as much as blonder highlights.

Strawberry blonde is created through a combination of red and blonde highlights. It looks best on women who have fair skin and are naturally in the medium to dark-blonde hair range. Strawberry blonde has a bit of a pink undertone to it so it can complement the pink undertones in a woman's face very well if she is fair with a bit of a rosy touch.

When a person has rich red hair, going blonde or brown can be both too light and too dark. The perfect balance is a caramel color that has a bit of edge and can help to brighten the dark red hair while enhancing the richness of the red color. Make sure that the colorist who is working on the hair knows that there should only be approximately 10 foils in the hair. Too much caramel can lead to an odd clash of blonde and red rather than a harmonious beautiful effect.