How Do You Do Highlights at Home?

How Do You Do Highlights at Home?

To highlight your hair at home, start by choosing a color. Separate the hair into small sections, paint on the highlight color, then rinse the dye out. Tone the color if it is not the shade you want.

  1. Choose the highlight color

    Pick a highlight color from a dye kit that is intended for your current hair color.

  2. Test the dye

    Before highlighting your entire head, test the dye. Apply the dye to the end of a small strand of hair, let it process, and wash it out. Dry the strand to check the color. If the color is what you want, move on to the next step. If it is not what you want, choose another dye color.

  3. Dye your hair

    Part your hair where you normally wear it. Choose a 1-inch section of hair near your face. Brush the highlight dye on this section, beginning about 1 centimeter from your scalp. Continue brushing on the dye until it completely covers the hair section. Repeat this for a few more sections in the front, then gradually make the sections of hair thinner. Make the hair sections in the middle of your head about 1/2-inch wide. Brush the dye onto quarter-inch sections of hair on the back of your head and on the lower layers.

  4. Rinse and dry your hair

    Leave the dye in for the amount of time specified in the dye kit. Rinse the dye out, then dry the hair.

  5. Tone your hair

    If the color is not exactly what you want, buy a hair toner to change the highlights to the correct color.