How Do You Highlight Hair at Home Without a Kit?

Highlights can be done at home by using a permanent dye or bleach solution that is at least three shades lighter than the natural hair color; it can be applied in any highlight pattern desired. Permanent dye can be used on natural hair, and a bleaching solution can be used on color-treated hair.

For an ombre effect, the hair should only be highlighted starting away from the roots. It should not be highlighted at the roots, and the dye should be applied starting at the ends. This will ensure that the ends of the hair are lighter than the top of the hair, creating the faded effect that is referred to as ombre.

In order for the ombre effect to look the most natural, the hair should be backcombed in the sections that are going to be highlighted. This will ensure that the hair is properly separated and that there is no solid line of demarcation. Only the parts of the hair that have not been backcombed should have color applied to them. The color can be applied to the ends and then worked up the length of the hair, with no color left when the roots are reached.