How Do You Highlight Your Hair at Home?

How Do You Highlight Your Hair at Home?

To highlight your hair at home, select the kit, prepare the hair and conduct a patch test. Paint the highlights onto the hair, getting thinner as you move away from the face, and process. Follow with deep conditioner and color gloss.

  1. Select a highlighting kit

    Look for a highlighting kit that advertises a finished result a few shades lighter than your natural shade. If it is a bleach-based kit, select an option that includes toning color. Buy two different sizes of acrylic brushes to vary the streak sizes.

  2. Prepare your hair

    Wear old clothing in case the color drips. Brush all tangles out of your hair, and part it in the normal spot.

  3. Do a test strand

    Mix the highlighter according to the instructions. Select a small strand of hair from under the top section in the back. Apply the highlighter, and let it process for 10 minutes before rinsing out. Check that the color comes out the right shade and that your skin doesn't react adversely.

  4. Paint streaks onto the front

    Mix all the color. Using the larger brush, paint the color onto the front of the hair. Aim for 1-inch streaks. Keep the color 1/2-inch from the scalp.

  5. Paint streaks in the middle

    Still using the larger brush, paint thinner streaks onto the sides of the hair. Do not make them symmetrical, but try to keep placement pretty even.

  6. Paint streaks onto the back

    Use the smaller brush to paint narrow streaks onto the back of the hair.

  7. Process the color

    Process the color according to the manufacturer's instructions. If using bleach, check a test strand after five minutes for how fast the color is processing. Rinse until the water runs clear.

  8. Add moisture and shine

    Shampoo after rinsing the color out. Follow with a deep conditioner to add back moisture lost during the chemical process. Follow up with a color gloss to tone the highlights, and add shine.