How Do You Highlight Black Hair at Home?

Highlighting black hair requires a streaking cap, a color chart, a highlighting formula, a bowl and an application brush. Bleach powder and 20 volume developer is a substitute for highlighting formula or boxed dyes.

Before mixing the bleach or highlighting formula, put on the streaking cap. Use the included tool to pull strands of hair through the cap. Aim for all-over highlights for a natural look. Once pulled through, brush each strand of hair.

Mix the bleach and developer or highlighting formula in the bowl. When mixed thoroughly, apply it to each strand with the brush. Use the color chart to determine how light each strand should be and how long to keep the mixture in. For black hair, several applications might be necessary to create blonde highlights, but brown highlights could take only 10 to 15 minutes to lighten.

Rinse strands with the cap on when finished then wash and condition as usual.