How Do You Hide a Tongue Piercing?

The best way to hide a tongue piercing is to replace your jewelry with a piercing retainer after the initial healing period. Piercing retainers are usually constructed from a clear, hard plastic and are easy to use.

  1. Purchase a retainer

    Make sure the retainer is long enough so that it doesn't squeeze your tongue and cause swelling or pull through the hole. You also need to make sure that it is the same gauge as your original jewelry. If it is too small, it may pull right through the piercing hole. If it is too large, it can tear and stretch the hole.

  2. Remove your jewelry

    With either gloved or clean, dry hands, firmly grasp the balls of your piercing barbell, and twist one ball off. Make sure to replace the ball once you remove the jewelry from your tongue so it doesn't get lost.

  3. Insert the retainer

    Remove the small O-ring from the end of the retainer. Insert the straight end of the retainer into the piercing from the top of your tongue. Lift your tongue, and slide the O-ring onto the bottom of the stud until it reaches the grooved area that holds it in place.