How Do You Hide Cuts and Blemishes?


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Take a green concealer stick and apply it onto the cut to camouflage the redness, then take foundation a shade darker than the desired skin tone and apply, finishing off with a foundation that matches the skin tone. Make sure to clean the area thoroughly every night to remove makeup.

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Check to be sure the concealer used is a matte finish and not shiny. The matte finish will draw less attention to the makeup camouflage than a shiny concealer would. There are some brand names out there that sell kits, such as Sephora and CM-Beauty (formerly Covermark). Sephora sells a camouflage makeup palette that has 12 different concealer shades. CM-Beauty has a scar treatment kit. Wash the affected area and put moisturizer on before the makeup; this will help the cut or blemish to heal faster. It will also help the makeup adhere to the skin much better. Try blending a few different shades to get the color that is desired. For large scars try using a shade lighter around the edges of the scar and a shade darker directly on the scar. Take a brush and smooth it out and then blend together.

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