What are the best hennas for hair?


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Mehandi.com and Lush cosmetics are reputable brands of henna hair dye, according to LushNikki.com. It is important that only pure henna is used on the hair. Henna naturally occurs in shades of red and red orange.

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Henna hair dye is an all-natural way to alter the color of hair. However, it is unregulated, so be cautious, and avoid any hennas that are not red to orange in color. These dyes may contain unknown additives that may cause allergic reaction or other harmful effects.

Henna dyes are different from most commercial dyes in that henna dye coats the shaft of the hair instead of penetrating it. This makes it impossible for henna dyes to lighten the hair. This also makes henna dye safe for fragile hair. Henna dye can take up to six hours to fully affect the hair and does not even out hair color, so if highlights or roots are present, they will remain after dying. Permanent hair dyes can react with henna, so it is not advised to use these after using henna on hair. Therefore it is not possible to lighten hair after henna dye application. Semi-permanent hair colors are less likely to react, so it is still possible to correct henna dyed hair by going darker.

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