How Do You Do a Henna Tattoo?

How Do You Do a Henna Tattoo?

To apply a henna tattoo, fill an applicator bottle with henna paste, draw the tattoo on the skin with the nozzle, wait 30 minutes, wash off the dried henna and blot the tattoo dry. This two-hour process requires henna, scissors, an applicator bottle, water and a towel.

  1. Fill the applicator

    Fill a small applicator bottle with henna paste. To make henna paste, you need fresh henna powder (which can be found at an Indian grocery store), lemon juice, sugar, essentials oils, a non-metal mixing bowl and spoon, plastic wrap, a plastic bag, a decorating tip and soap.

  2. Draw the design

    Uncover the applicator nozzle, and draw the tattoo design on clean, dry skin. Move the nozzle slowly, and maintain constant pressure on the bottle. The line of henna must be thick and even.

  3. Develop the stain

    When you feel satisfied with the design, set the applicator aside, and wait 30 minutes for the stain to develop. Do not touch the henna or move the tattooed body part.

  4. Rinse away the henna paste

    Run warm water in a sink, making the stream as powerful as possible. Hold the tattooed skin under the running water, moving it slowly as the water loosens and removes the henna paste. Do not touch or rub the henna with your fingers. Rinse the skin until all of the dried henna is gone.

  5. Dry the skin

    Pat the tattoo dry with a soft towel, taking care to use a light blotting motion. Do not scrub, but rub or wipe the skin.