How Do You Hem?

How Do You Hem?

To make a hem, measure for the desired length, add an inch, and measure a 1/2-inch fold. Fold the fabric, press, fold again, and press. Finish the hem with a blind slip stitch.

  1. Measure the hem length

    If hemming clothing, try the garment on, and measure for the correct length. Add 1 inch to this length for the hem allowance. Otherwise, double the desired hem width.

  2. Make the first fold

    Measure 1/2 inch up from the bottom of the piece all the way around. Fold at this measurement with the wrong sides of the fabric together, and pin into place. Press this first fold with a hot iron, and remove the pins.

  3. Make the second fold

    Fold the fabric over again, still working on the inside of the piece. Pin the fold into place, and then press it flat. Keep the pins in place.

  4. Start the slip stitch

    Thread a needle with the same color thread as the fabric. Make a tailor's knot at the end. Insert the needle near a seam or corner at the top so that it goes through the fold and the front. Work from the backside to the front side. Pull all the way through until the knot is flush with the fabric.

  5. Slip stitch the hem

    Working from right to left, sew a 1/4-inch-long stitch in the upper fold. With the tip if the needle, pick up a tiny amount of the fabric from below, and pull the needle through. Insert the needle back into the fold but not the front, and stitch forward another 1/4 inch. Make another slip stitch. Repeat this process until the entire hem is sewn, removing the pins as you go along.