What Are the Best Heated Rollers for Short Hair?

Some of the best heated rollers for short hair are sponge rollers that use steam, ceramic infused rollers and wax-core rollers. Ribbed curlers are easy to remove without damaging hair, and flocked curlers that hold in hair easily are used for creating larger curls.

Sponge rollers that use steam warm up quickly and create curls in about 10 minutes. This type of roller is also great for making hair shiny. Ceramic infused curlers use ion and far-infrared heat in the ceramic core. This seals the hair cuticle and creates a long-wear curl. Ceramic rollers are a good choice for damaged hair because they are generally anti-frizz and can even add shine to hair.

Wax-core curlers hold heat longer than other curlers and can be worn longer in the hair. This creates a longer-lasting curl. This type of roller works well for hair that does not hold curls easily.

Curler sets with only one curler size are for hairstyles that require consistent curls. Curler sets with various sized curlers are meant for more versatile hairstyles. Some curler sets utilize clips or pins and can cause creases in hair that can be avoided by placing tissue between the clip and the hair. People with thick hair should divide hair into many small sections to get the best results.