How Do You Get Healthy Skin?


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The most important factors that affect skin health are diet, hydration, sunscreen and using skin care products that are properly formulated for your skin. Other factors, such as genetics, are mostly out of your control.

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One of the most important aspects to ensuring the health and vitality of your skin is the use of sunscreen. Sun exposure can lead to sun damage over time. This damage can range from dark spots and wrinkles, to more severe forms of damage, such as skin cancer. For this reason, you should use a sunscreen every day, even if you don't venture outdoors. Remember, the sun's rays are not blocked by car or home windows.

Another factor to keep healthy skin is staying hydrated. Drinking enough water keeps the skin full and supple, helps flush away toxins and prevents excessive dryness. Avoiding harmful activities, such as smoking and excessive drinking, also keeps your skin looking its best.

Stay away from skincare products with excessive chemicals as well. Using retinol, a daily moisturizer, a gentle cleanser and sunscreen is all that is needed, and the more natural your products, the better. If you have acne or another skin condition, there are natural remedies that help improve the look and feel of skin. In some cases, a prescription cream may be needed to improve skin health.

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