What Are Some Healthy Recipes That Use Avocados?


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Southwestern salad and raspberry avocado salad are both examples of healthy recipes that use avocado. Avocado buttermilk soup and avocado tea sandwiches are other healthy avocado recipes.

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What Are Some Healthy Recipes That Use Avocados?
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Southwestern salad consists of pinto beans, fresh corn and cubed avocado as the base. The recipe also calls for chopped red onion, salt, romaine lettuce and tortilla chips as a side. The dressing is made of olive oil, lime juice, cumin, salt and pepper. One serving of the southwestern salad has only 466 calories.

Raspberry avocado salad is both tart and sweet and relies on the avocado as the base. In addition to diced avocados, the ingredients include mixed salad greens, canned mandarin oranges, chopped glazed walnuts, sliced green onions and fresh raspberries. The dressing is made of olive oil, raspberry vinegar, honey, Dijon mustard and salt. One serving of the salad has 300 calories.

Avocado buttermilk soup is similar to gazpacho in that it is served cold. The ingredients include buttermilk, tomatillos, chicken broth and avocados. A Serrano pepper, chopped garlic, minced bell pepper and chives also go into the soup. All the ingredients save the bell pepper are processed in a blender until smooth. Served with orange-infused crab meat, one serving of the soup has 252 calories.

An avocado tea sandwich consists of sliced avocado, smoked salmon and English cucumber placed in thin slices of wheat bread. Reduced fat mayonnaise, lemon juice and pepper are the condiments. Each sandwich is 143 calories.

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