How Do You Get Healthy Hair?


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To get healthy hair, focus on eating a healthy diet rich in protein, use a clarifying treatment once a month, try hot oil treatments periodically and commit to regular haircuts. How long your hair takes to look healthy can vary. However, you may notice some changes within a week.

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  1. Eat a healthy diet

    Start eating a healthy diet immediately. Foods rich in protein fortify the hair follicle, which leads to healthier hair. Eat salmon, walnuts, eggs, lentils and Greek yogurt.

  2. Clarify your hair once a month

    To support your hair from the outside, use a clarifying treatment once a month. Clarifying treatments remove the products that build up in your hair over time. In addition, they remove pollutants from the surrounding environment.

  3. Use a hot oil treatment periodically

    In addition to using a clarifying remedy, use a hot oil treatment once a month. Apply your chosen hot oil treatment, and cover it with a shower cap. Remove the cap after a few minutes, and rinse your hair clean. If your hair is badly damaged, you may use a hot oil treatment more than once a month.

  4. Get your hair cut regularly

    To prevent split ends and keep your hair looking healthy, cut it regularly. With fewer split ends, your hair repels damage easier.

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