How Are Headdresses Made?


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To make a headdress, use imitation eagle feathers, large Marabou feathers, a strip of leather or cloth, red flannel, and a horse tail hair. Other materials include shoe glue and a string or thread.

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To prepare the eagle feather, put small feathers a couple of inches above the bottom of the stem. Wrap the stems with thread, tie the thread and apply glue if necessary. Use a thin leather, cloth or felt to wrap the quill?s edge, creating an end loop. Wrap the leather with thread, and secure it with glue.

To make the headband, cut a piece of leather, cloth or felt that fits the circumference of your head, and sew the edges together. Next, divide the headband evenly into 30 spaces, and create 60 holes for lacing the feathers into the headband. Arrange the eagle feathers, ensuring that the biggest ones are placed in the center of the headband.

The last step involves attaching the feathers upside down onto the headband strip. Put the string into the holes, continuing through the feather?s quill end loop and moving on to the adjacent holes. Place 15 feathers on the left area and another 15 feathers on the right side. Decorate the headdress with a beaded band or ribbon, ear plumes made from fake fur, and a pair of stiff leather circles for the ears.

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