What Happens When a Woman Shaves Her Mustache?

When a woman shaves her mustache, it may feel stubbly as it starts to grow back in. Contrary to popular belief, women who shave their mustaches to not experience a thicker pattern of hair growth. The only reason hair on the upper lip appears thicker after shaving is because it is shorter and feels more stubbly.

Women who shave their mustaches need to be careful. The hair and skin on a woman's upper lip may be more delicate than a man's, raising the risk for injury or infection. After shaving, the application of lotions or cosmetics may cause local skin irritation. While applying shaving cream to the upper lip is not necessary, warm, soapy water or moisturizing cream should be used prior to shaving. Dry shaving can cause razor burn and lead to an uncomfortable rash.

To reduce the risk of cuts or infections, women can use an electric razor. When an electric razor is used on the upper lip, shaving should be done dry. Using soap and water or a moisturizer prior to shaving may result in electric shock. Permanent methods of hair removal, such as electrolysis, sometimes cause damage or destruction to the hair follicle so that hair does not grow back. Hair follicle damage eliminates the need for shaving.