What Happens If You Shave Your Arms?

happens-shave-arms Credit: Roderick Chen/All Canada Photos/Getty Images

Shaving your arms, as with shaving other body parts, will temporarily remove body hair in probably the quickest and most comfortable way, and, as with other hair removal methods, shaving will allow hair to grow back naturally, not thicker or darker. To maintain smoothness and appearance without nubs, shaving will have to be repeated, possibly several times per week, depending on the thickness and darkness of the hair.

Proper shaving requires a lubricant of some kind to allow the razor to glide smoothly over skin without irritation and potential cuts. Shave creams, soaps, lotions, gels or other lubricants are applied to warm, wet skin, then the razor blade is pulled along the arm and cuts the hair off at skin level. Shaving results may not last as long as hair removal methods such as plucking and waxing, which can sometimes take weeks, rather than days, to grow back. Depilatories are chemical products, usually in a lotion form, that dissolve the bond holding hair and skin together. The results often last longer than shaving but can cause irritation.