What Happens When You Eat Dishwashing Soap?

happens-eat-dishwashing-soap Credit: Cultura RM/Paul Burns/Collection Mix: Subjects/Getty Images

Someone who eats automatic dishwasher soap may experience pain or burning in the throat or nasal passages, loss of vision, swollen throat, low blood pressure, breathing difficulties, skin irritations, abdominal pain, vomiting and burns in the esophagus, according to Healthline. Seek emergency medical help immediately if dishwasher soap is ingested.

Household products such as dishwashing soap often contain chemicals that are toxic and even life-threatening. Anyone who ingests dishwashing soap should not be encouraged to vomit it up. Instead, he should drink a large amount of water or milk while waiting for emergency help to arrive, recommends The New York Times. The prognosis for someone who eats dishwashing soap depends on how much he ate and how soon he receives treatment.