What Happens If You Don't Bathe Regularly?

Stopped or irregular bathing may result in smelling bad, dirtier skin and hair, an increased chance of infections and an increase in itchiness. Writing for HowStuffWorks, Katherine Neer notes that it is important to know that bathing helps positively impact both health and social issues.

According to Neer, the average human body is covered by nearly 20 square feet of skin. This skin contains nearly 2.6 million sweat glands, and the average individual sweats between 1 and 3 liters per hour. Sweat from the apocrine sweat glands contains protein and fatty acids. Additional sweat from irregular bathing may lead to yellow color on clothes due to those proteins and acids.

Sweat makes skin receptive to dirt, germs and microorganisms. Neer notes that these assorted bacteria, fungi and yeasts are typically harmless on the outside of skin. They are very dangerous when inside the bloodstream. Irregular bathing may also make a person itchier. Scratching may break the skin where the bacteria, fungi and yeasts have not been recently cleaned. Neer notes that some of these bacteria can be fatal if they enter the bloodstream. According to Neer, the odds of fatality from irregular bathing are low, but an unpleasant smell from irregular bathing is highly likely.