What Happened to Marilyn Monroe's Iconic White Dress?


As of 2015, Marilyn Monroe's iconic white halter dress was last seen as part of an exhibit at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in early 2014. The dress was included in the Hollywood Costume exhibition at Britain's Victoria and Albert Museum in October 2012 before the collection was featured at the VMFA from November 2013 to February 2014.

Though photographs of Monroe posing on a subway grate while wearing this dress and trying to keep it from blowing over her head are quite famous, the dress was actually a costume for the film "The Seven Year Itch" for which the iconic image was staged. The dress, which features a halter neck and a pleated skirt, was made by the film's costume designer, William Travilla.

Monroe acted in many other films and posed for many other photos in her career, but the image of the actress fighting with the skirt of this dress is arguably her most iconic image. The dress sold at auction to an anonymous, private bidder in 2011 for a total of $5.6 million; the auction price for the dress was $4.6 million, and the buyer paid an additional $1 million in auction house fees.