What Are Some Hairstyles for Women Over 70?

The tousled pixie is an attractive hairstyle for women over 70 years old because it adds length and texture on top. To style, add hair wax to the top and tousle the hair.

As of 2015, another flattering hairstyle for women over 70 is sweeping it back from the face. The hair should be cut into uniform layers. Apply product to the roots, and blow dry the hair so it softly lays back.

The bob is a classic haircut for women of any age. For older women, the look is better when it's cut near the chin. Wispy bangs can soften forehead wrinkles, or the hair can be kept all one length. Another option for the bob is to cut a few layers in the interior, and style the look with bouncy waves.

A shag is another classic for older women. The hair should be cut in chunky layers both near the ears and in the back. The top needs to be styled with volume with pieces picked out with product.

While convention often dictates older women shouldn't maintain long hair, it's possible as long as the hair is thick and healthy. A flattering style puts face framing layers in the front and incorporates soft, side-swept bangs.

In general, hairstyles that add volume to the hair are more flattering, so that means layers. Also, hair should be well-groomed, either blow dried or curled into the desired style.