What Are Some Hairstyles for Women Over 50?

What Are Some Hairstyles for Women Over 50?

Pixies and shags are two layered hairstyles that are flattering for women over 50 years old. Bobs, lobs and layered bobs also complement mature faces.

The pixie haircut is a short style with a lot of layers. The pixie often features wispy edges around the ears and nape of the neck. Stylists typically leave the bangs long. Some women sweep the bangs to the side. The style also looks attractive if the top is spiky or backcombed for volume.

The shag is another layered hairstyle, and one that Jane Fonda made famous. The style features a lot of volume at the crown and a lot of texture on the sides. Stylists usually cut the shag to about chin length. Shags also have long, side-swept bangs.

Bobs are classic hairstyles for women of any age, including those over 50. A standard bob is all one length all the way around. Variations of the bob include an A-line cut, which is shorter in the back. A-line bobs feature sharp angles as the hair gets longer in the front.

Lobs, or long bobs, and layered bobs are other variations on the style. Bob haircuts typically fall around chin length, but lobs can go all the way to the shoulders. Stylists often add waves to lobs. Some bobs feature layering, especially in front, which softens the face.