What Are Some Hairstyles With a Spiral Perm?


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Some hairstyles with a spiral perm include the short spiral perm hairstyle, the red spiral perm hairstyle, the spiral perm hairstyle with a bow, the long golden spiral perm hairstyle and black spiral perm hairstyle. Spiral perm hairstyles begin with spiral perm styling, which involves wrapping and twisting the individual curls with a lightweight mousse or conditioning styling gel. For best results, perm wearers should wrap 2-inch sections around two fingers and twist to the roots.

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Spiral perm hairstyles involve allowing the hair to air dry. The most common spiral perm hairstyles are for long hair, though many people also choose to wear short and very short spiral perm hairstyles. There are many updo spiral perm hairstyles, romantic spiral perm hairstyles and fun spiral perm hairstyles from which to choose.

To achieve a spiral perm, a stylist rolls the hair vertically, rather than horizontally as with most perms. Spiral perm curly hairstyles roll toward the back of the head. Spiral perm hairstyles can be both small and tight and large and loose, depending upon the size of the rollers the stylist uses. Spiral perm hairstyles work best on compatible types of hair, including hair with some natural wave, hair that is neither too long nor too short, and hair that is not dyed or colored.

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