What Hairstyles Are Recommended for Different Face Shapes?


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Hairstyles recommended for round faces include short gamine cuts, long bobs and long, light layers. Some hairstyles for heart shapes include pixie cuts, shoulder-length bobs with layers or long style with layers and full bangs. Choosing the right hairstyle based on facial shape emphasizes or detracts from specific facial features.

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What Hairstyles Are Recommended for Different Face Shapes?
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A short cut for a long, oval face is an angular bob that hits the chin in the front with choppy layers all the way around to even out long features. Medium-length styles have light layers at the ends to add movement without choppiness. Long styles have retro texture and deep parted fringes to break up the length of the face.

Short, layered bobs with slight bangs complement square facial shapes and put the emphasis on the cheekbones instead of the jaw. Another option is a shoulder-length cut with choppy layers and side-swept bangs to soften the sharpness of the features. A deep part can add an asymmetry to this style for an edgy look that breaks up the boxiness of this face shape. Long styles must stay around collarbone length and be lightly layered for a soft look. Long but airy bangs that hit the cheekbone also detract from a square or boxy facial shape.

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