What Are Some Hairstyles for Men With Thin Hair?


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For men with thinning hair that recedes into a horseshoe at the crown, hair is cut at 1/4-inch or less. Any bulk around the balding area is reduced to avoid a mushroom shape. For men who have a bald spot in the back, hair is cut to about 3/4-inch.

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What Are Some Hairstyles for Men With Thin Hair?
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Men who have a bald spot in the back benefit from a cut where the length grows gradually toward the crown. The difference from the back to the front is no more than 1/2-inch in length. For hair that is so thin the scalp is showing through, hair is cut with shears to 1/2 inch or less or layered and cut forward with no part. Both styles are low maintenance and can be styled into place with a texturizing cream.

For a receding hairline, hair length is kept around 2-inches. Hair is cut with texture at the hairline for men who wear their hair forward. The length and style hide some of the recession at the temples and give hair the appearance of fullness. If hair is only thinning at the crown, it is cut with a little extra length along the crown to hide the thinning area. If there is only hair on the sides and in the back, the best style is a close shave.

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