What Are Some Hairstyles for Men With Grey Hair?


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Some of the best looking hairstyles for men with gray hair are short styles. If the person's hair is still relatively thick and has not receded too much, keep the sides short and the top at a medium length that works with the texture of the hair.

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Greying hair is a stiffer texture than other hair and tends to be slightly wavy. The person should be able to part the hair or brush it back and keep the texture flattering but not puffy. If the texture is not working with a medium length on top and the hairline has not receded much, keep the length short and style the hair forward. A Caesar cut is flattering to most grey hair as it is styled in a slightly mussed up way.

For a receding hair line, keep the length short or shaved. This avoids awkward puffiness on the sides of the head and keeps the person from looking as though he has a combover. The only exception to this is a widow's peak hairline, as long as the front section is kept slightly spiky.

If the person has thick hair and little to no receding hairline, he can wear any style, even one that has length. If he opts for this look, keep the hair layered and the ends trimmed so it does not puff out into a triangle shape. A great style for longer hair is keeping it combed back and away from the face with mousse or wax.

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